Hang in there

Right now, the voice in your head is telling you that (a) you’re not good enough and (b) who do you think you are?

That’s what Resistance does. It wants us to believe that you’re something you’re not.

I played on the internet for 30 minutes before writing this post. Pretending to be productive. Acting like I was looking for inspiration. I realized afterwards that I was just wasting my time so I didn’t have to write anything. Because I was afraid.

I was afraid that no one is going to read this. That I’m not cut out to be a writer. That I’m not doing work that matters.

Despite being afraid, I beat Resistance today because I created something and shared it. Despite the risk of failure, I did it anyway.

(Maybe no one will read this. Maybe it won’t make an impact. That’s okay. I can learn and try again tomorrow.)

Don’t quit. The change you are looking to seek in the world is right there. The work you do matters. But it takes time.

The only promise I can make is that if you stick it out and finish, you’ll be a better person from when you started.

[Starting is the easy part. Finishing something is what makes all the difference. I’m finished writing for today. But I’ll be thinking about what I’m going to write tomorrow all day today. I feel better that I finished something meaningful. It’s what I have set out to do. Everyday. Yep, the start is exciting. But joy comes when we finish what we started.]