The need to be needed

We all have a need to be needed.

But what happens to truck drivers when cars become smart enough to drive themselves?

And when there are no accidents on the road, why will we need insurance agents?

This is going to be the toughest challenge we have ever faced in history: When that thing you do for a living is gone, how are going to feel needed?

Here’s a start:

  • Instead of looking for your purpose, fulfill a purpose.
  • Solve an interesting problem.
  • Help someone do something you could never do.
  • Embrace the impossible. Think bigger.
  • Now think bigger than that.
  • One by one. Drip by drip by drip. Connect. Build Trust. Earn our attention.
  • Show us your best work. Doesn’t matter if you get paid.
  • Be generous. It’s a gift.
  • Ship it. Spread your ideas.
  • This might work. This might not work. That’s what makes it worth doing.
  • Learn to see. See the world as it is.
  • Be missed when you’re gone.
  • Play the infinite game.
  • Use Resistance as a compass. Don’t run away from fear. Dance with it.
  • When it’s not working, make better art.
  • Quit before you start or commit to pushing through the Dip.
  • Stand up. Stand out.