Everyone has one. Each one is different.

When your timetable doesn’t match mine, it’s natural to use urgency to create importance. We can justify stepping on toes, ruffling feathers, or bulldozing the people around us if it’s for the greater good. Because it’s inconvenient to let someone in your lane when you’re late for work. It’s easier to point fingers when someone doesn’t deliver on a promise. It’s safe to say, “Read the fine print.” It’s human nature to ask someone to stand up when they just sat down.

Urgency has never been prudent.

We notice when people push pause on their timetable to help with ours. Because despite being busy, and tired, and stressed; and with the increase in noise, and distractions, and deadlines—you took the time to be their when we needed you. You saw. You acted. You cared.

It’s easy to justify our actions by saying, that the lack of preparation on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine. And you would be be right—the letter of the law says so. But compassion doesn’t work that way—it is the spirit of the law that we care about.

It’s increasingly difficult to show up. The one’s who are standing out are the one’s who are standing up.