Forgive and forget

People make mistakes all the time. (Including you.) We assign blame and point fingers. But does it actually make us feel better?

Maybe. But only at first. Eventually, that part wears off. It’s in the quiet moments when we put aside the shock and the hurt feelings to see what actually happened—when we can see things as the way they are. We know people are people. A bad moment doesn’t make us a bad person. (Although it can defines us.)

We could try to forgive each other a little more. It’s not easy, otherwise everyone would do it. The hard part is learning to forget. It’s easy to hold on to your world view. It’s easier to hold on to grudges, and to hold on to preconceived notions, and to assume than it is to let go.

Learn to love the unlovable. The reason that person is in your life is because you have the capabilities to care for this person. (Maybe you are the only one who can.)