Why television shows were invented

It’s a common misconception that television shows came first and advertising came second. It’s actually the other way around: television shows were developed so that we would consume more advertising. Marketers needed to spread their ideas so the more advertising you bought the more profit you made. You’d win.

This type of disruptive marketing is fading away. It is no longer who can be the loudest or say something the most often to get our attention. You can’t buy trust. There is a reason someone will spend an extra dollar for a gallon of milk at Whole Foods versus the same gallon of milk at Wal-Mart. (They trust what they are buying is a superior product).

With everything one click away (and now one dash button) the race to the bottom of faster and cheaper (average products for average people) is drawing to an end.

It is a new age of making something that matters not something that just sells.

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