Where does Alex Honnold put his fear?

There is a brand of t-shirts called No Fear.

This is really silly. Of course, you are going to encounter fear. The amygdala doesn’t just check out. It’s there to tell you that danger is immanent.

Alex Honnold, the leading free-soloist climber in the world (climbing vertical rock without a rope), is not fearless.

Like a marathon runner that encounters tired, he finds a place to put the fear.

Resistance didn’t go away. However, the internal narrative (the story of his believe that he won’t fall) is stronger than the voice in his head that says that he could fail.

So when unwanted thoughts come, Pema Chodron suggests to gently say the word, “Thinking.” As in, I am not running away from the thought but simply letting it pass through. Thinking is a signal to focus back on your breathing. It’s important to acknowledge that the amygdala is trying to keep you safe. So be thankful for it. But put it aside. By “thinking” we are saying thank you. Thank you for letting me know. And now, I have to get back to work.

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