Play the game: part deux

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to attend a local arts festival where two scholarships were handed out to the community. Long story short: only one person picked themselves to play the game.

To follow-up what happened, that night I went home and wrote a letter to the Mayor of Midvale. I asked if the scholarship was still available. I also recommended a young man who I personally knew in the neighborhood.

Since that time this young man wrote a follow-up letter to the Mayor. Met with her. Met with Steven Henager College. Received the scholarship and now has an opportunity to go to college. Not only that his sister accompanied this young man to the Steven Henager meeting. Had the courage to tell her story and she also received a scholarship.

The bottom line: it all starts by picking yourself to play the game. Yes, the original letter could have been rejected. That rejection could have confirmed the voice that screams,”How dare you! You see, you flew too close to the sun. This is proof. You can’t do this. Who do you think you are?” But what was the worst that could happen? The risk of rejection and shame was small. The world wouldn’t even known about it. As James Carse wrote, the goal of the infinite game is to keep playing. And if it doesn’t crush you then you can keep playing.

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