Fight the busy

Anyone watching an hour of television a day has just demonstrated that they have an hour of their time to do something that matters.

The average American is watching 5 hours of television per day, but somehow we don’t have time to do the things that make us happy: connect, make a difference, make something new.

The internal narrative needs to change. If we could get rid of the things that take 80% of our time that only bring 20% of their value: what could you do with all this extra time?

The amount of choices are overwhelming and can be crippling (we are the most obese, most medicated, and might be the most unhappy generation of Americans than ever before).

The only way to fight the busy is to say no. No to the extra curricular activities that are not bringing value to the home. You might be judged. You might think you are a bad parent. It might seem weird at first to cut the cable. But it may just be the thing that saves your life.