Second chances

It is very difficult for an Artist to gain trust and attention. It is even more difficult to re-gain trust and attention when an Artist betrays his audience (selling out). You may never get it back when you become a cog in the machine. Some of us may find it in our hearts to forgive but most of us, now more than ever, shift to the critic (their old stuff is better than their new stuff)

As an Artist, the silver lining is: we need to give more trust and attention than we gain. When an Artist generously gives something to her audience, the audience turns around and gives us something back. Because all of us want to be noticed. And when we are noticing each other and give someone an opportunity to be part of something bigger than ourselves, the circle grows.

Too many Artists become hardened when everyone in the audience doesn’t love their work. It is hard to loosen your grip when the instinct is to tighten up. A second chance needs to be given (the goal is not for everyone to love it, just someone). With the new rules of the new game, the only choice is to leap first and trust that your audience is paying attention to catch you when you fall.