Why rhythm

When you jump rope there are two types of jumps that are made. There are big jumps and small hops.

In a normal pace, the big jump is used for getting over the rope while the small hop is used to stay in rhythm.

We make small hops all the time while we wait for the rope to come back around (the next big thing). It is rhythm that keeps us ready.

If we can get someone else to hold the rope we won’t get as tired. We can go longer, take more chances, and focus on jumping the rope.

However, if you are holding the rope you can control the speed. The faster you go, the smaller the hops (no big jumps required). The slower you go, the bigger the jumps (more small hops in-between). You also have the double jump, where you spin the rope in two rotations in one big jump.

The point is this: It doesn’t matter what rhythm you choose. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.