Did you show up today?

Facebook is a place where people go to be present. But it doesn’t change us or someone else for that matter. It is this place to check in with the world to see if it has fallen apart. The thing is Facebook is eerily similar to being present at work: respond to an email, listen in on a conference call, go to that meeting.

It is not enough to be present because anyone can be trained to do this. And everyone is. Everyone can be given a set of instruction to follow (we learned this in school remember?) If everyone can be trained to do it then why should I pay you more?

You have to show up.

Showing up is being present in the moment to solve interesting problems. It is an attitude; you are showing up when you initiate an email, when you are speaking up on a conference call, or participating in that meeting. Showing up is scarce. But it is a quality that anyone with any ability can practice and learn.

Show up where it matters: in the home, at your vocation, with your community. Share an idea, make a difference, make something or someone better today by showing up.