Expert halos

There are plenty of Neurosurgeons who lose their car keys.

Many Rocket Scientists who can’t build an Ikea set.

Theoretical Physicists who don’t know how to swing a hammer.

Plenty of gurus who are not qualified to give relationship advice yet still do.

We should listen to experts. If they have something to say about their field of study. However, experts who comprehend how the heart pumps or string theory don’t necessarily understand decision-making. These are different skill sets. And it can cause trouble to turn over decision-making to the advice of an expert without thinking of the application for you. (Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why people get caught in avalanches.)

Far too often, we are happy to turn over the decisions to someone else without realizing it is still our choice all along. While we may not understand how car engines work, each of us can get better at making decisions.