Spending an extra five minutes

They say that doctors who spend an extra five minutes with patients are less likely to be sued.

A car mechanic that goes out of their way to walk you to the back of the shop and carefully explain your options for a major engine repair will surely get better Google Reviews than someone saying, “That’ll be two thousand dollars, please.”

Explaining why you are about to knock your best friend out in a game of Risk will go better than just stabbing them in the back unexpectedly.

In reality, you may end up making the same decision without an extra explanation anyway. You might end up in the same place but taking an extra five minutes to talk about options will usually serve you well in meeting the needs of those you wish to help.

The feeling of, “I have a choice” is so helpful in diffusing any type of tension. When we spend an extra five minutes to give someone clarity and tension, we connect. And when we see each other as humans instead of just another case or number, that is when things change for the better.