Anger versus contempt

There is a difference between being angry with someone and having contempt for them.

Anger is relational, a natural type of thing in any long-term relationship. Friction and tension build up over time to a point where it spills over and releases. The conflict then arises and there is an opportunity to resolve it. If resolved in a healthy way, these types of obstacles can bring people closer together.

Contempt, on the other hand, is totally different. Contempt says, “I can’t even deal with this person.” So, what do we do? We swipe left. We block them. We avoid them altogether. This is a huge cultural shift in this day of age with life on social media. You can simply choose to opt-out. And it can have a negative effect on our relationships.

If you are feeling lonely, it may be worth examining how some of your relationships have recently ended. With conflict that perhaps could have been resolved or without it altogether?