Money changes our expectations

I met some people recently that were upset about a guiding service because it wasn’t what was promised. Except nothing was promised. They assumed from previous experience that it would be exclusive—that they would be alone without others. As a result, they tore this guide down and started questioning the guide’s experience and safety.

Once we pay for something we expect to get something in return. Sometimes it’s an experience, sometimes for status, a handbag, or to fill our bellies.

And when our expectations are not met we are left disappointed. Which leads us to react in multiple ways.

We are not entitled to any experience just because we paid for it. Money is a story. Sure it can open doors of opportunity and possibilities. But in the end, the experience wasn’t ruined because of others, it was ruined because they created unrealistic expectations.

It is worth noting that money can improve the experience too. A $200 bottle of wine is different than $18.