Popular music doesn’t mean good music

Chartr shows that only 33 artists are breaking the 50 million monthly listener barrier. 33. That is it.

Popularity is an enticing number for all of us to chase. Likes, shares, and downloads are easy to measure. We assume that the higher the number the better the music/art must be. But that isn’t the case. Are we to assume that The Weeknd has a better catalog than The Beetles? Of course not. That is open to interpretation.

Great music is about taste. There is plenty of great music that never charts but that doesn’t mean it is junk. Much like this blog. It is in the corner of the internet under a mountain of other blogs that only a few will read (in terms of the world).

And yet, it is still worth writing. It is still worth producing. Art makes the world a better place regardless if it ever goes viral.