Fairy tales and the world around us

Most of us eventually figure out that Santa Clause is not real. We do this by slowly putting together the pieces of how it would be impossible to travel the world and serve every child. We deduce that it just isn’t possible. We can’t find him, therefore, he must not be real. Yet, those who continue to believe still haven’t seen the real Santa. They are chasing a feeling.

That feeling of belief is important to all of us. To believe in a better world is a feeling. To believe in community, equality, civility, connection–all feelings of beliefs–since we can’t touch it or see it.

Believing can sometimes ignore the facts. While important, however, we can’t ignore what the data is saying when it contradicts our belief system. That intersection of tension is a hurdle to overcome because often they are not compatible with each other. Yet, our beliefs inform so much of the decisions we make to build the world as we see it.