What arrives at our doorstep?

We can predict when we hit the Buy Now Amazon button what is going to arrive at our doorstep the next day.

We can predict that the postal worker is going to show up.

What we can’t predict is the next emergency, the next fire to put out.

Here’s the thing, there is an estimated 4.59 (+/- 0.38) x1044 chess moves available. That’s a big number in a controlled environment. That is what I mean when I talk about possibilities being infinite. The world is chaotic. We have no idea how each of us is going to interact with the environment and how that trickles into each other.

The answer then is to build a more resilient system in each of our lives. Build enough slack for emergencies. Keep enough hope for possibility. Stay the course long enough to see things through.

The more times you get at bat the more opportunities to swing.