A noisy world

Without interruptions, what do you think you could accomplish?

Why then do we not spend the time building a system that is more resilient to the outside world?

Few ideas:

Unsubscribe to incoming emails.

Turn off notifications on your phone.

Work where you live. Create a shorter commute.

Perhaps go on a Netflix fast.

Log out of what you want to limit your time using. The friction of logging back in can be enough from consuming time.

Close the door to your office for an hour. Ask not to be disturbed during this time. Work as hard as you can for the 60 minutes you have allotted.

Prioritize the most difficult tasks first while you have more brain power.

There are more out there. The irony, however, doesn’t escape me: How many of these interruptions do we allow in our life to distract us from what we don’t want to focus on?