Have you ever stolen a minute from your job?

Where you weren’t working your hardest or let your mind wander? Have you had a conversation that wasn’t work-related?

Of course, you have. Everyone has done this. Because we are not machines.

And yet, most people reading this blog probably don’t think of themselves as thieves either. The question is, where is the line? What is ethical and what is not?

The thing is, the McDonald’s drink machine doesn’t steal sips of Coca-Cola products. And the Walmart Automatic Check-out Machine doesn’t take an extra long smoke break. And the street light on your corner doesn’t ask for a vacation either.

Humans are not efficient creatures. We have weaknesses and on top of all this, we need dental. Our weaknesses are only going to be more exaggerated as time goes on. AI can simply follow the instructions better and it doesn’t need a pep talk to get in the mood to get to work.

What then do humans do better?

Initiate. Lead. Motivate. Deciding where to go. Caring. Decision making. Dealing with consequences. Having hard conversations. Making connection. Starting and finishing projects. This is the field that is wide open that a machine cannot fill. (Facebook tried and failed.)

You have more value than simply following the instructions. The ability to color outside the lines at any time is your best asset.