Not having the means to sufficiently live is a really tough place to be. A billion people will go to bed tonight without power, food or clean water. Think about that. A billion people.

Yet, we can get caught feeling that we are behind right here at home. That’s because of indoctrination. Industrialism has taught us for many decades to want more and to not be satisfied.

Do you really need a new car or is the one you are driving working just fine?

Do you really need a new pair of shoes or do you have enough?

Do you really need a lot of these things we charge or do you simply want them?

This post isn’t to shame anyone. I love nice tools. However, luxury is a narration, a story we tell—not a necessity.

If you are feeling behind, the question is, “From what?” Because consumption can feel like a hamster wheel that’s constantly spinning.

Creation can kill our need for consumption.