The only destination we can all agree upon

There is only one guarantee. That someday, we all pass this life. Therefore, it must be on our compass. Due north. Because that is where we all meet in the end.

Most of us are distracted by this fact. If we keep ourselves occupied enough, we feel like maybe we can escape this.

But I think we need to operate the other way around.

If I were to tell you tomorrow, you would lose your eyesight, what would you do? You would spend all day looking at the flowers, looking at the faces of loved ones, and staring at the sunset. You would soak in every last experience and appreciate it. When we acknowledge the fact that impermanence is real and that each day is a gift, we take the posture of a warrior. When we prepare for the end–we don’t forget to take everything we have for granted. Time slows down when we are mindful. There is no rush to get through where we are.

Don’t run from this moment just to embrace the next. The moments are finite.