If I mess up this sentence, I can hit the delete button and start over. If my avatar died on a video game, I can reboot it. If I missed a part of the movie, I can rewind it.

There is a difference between living in the moment and living on repeat.

You don’t stop a broadway show. It goes on. Because we are doing this once and never again will it be done after the moment passes.

Right here, and right now we are alive and all in. Embracing the success and failure that comes. If I want it done perfectly, I would just watch it on Netflix.


We get caught in autopilot. Tomorrow, we have an alarm set to get up and head to work without even thinking much about it. Take the kids to school and when we get home watch our favorite television series. We forget that we have a choice in the matter. It may not be the responsible one, the sensible one, the one most would make–but you have a say in what you do.

You only get to do this once. Act accordingly.