System jumping

Humans have the ability to create imaginary systems of structure to organize themselves in a way to accomplish monumental tasks.

That is how a Chinese development company was able to raise a 57-story skyscraper in just 19 days. Truly incredible. And it is also why when I swipe my card at the store it allows me to buy groceries. We trust that something will work because we have all agreed this is how we should run things.

Many of these systems are so massive and complicated now, that we can’t control them. Hence why economists guess what will happen to inflation as they raise rates.

Understanding these systems is key to changing things. When we can jump out of the system and examine it, a whole bunch of things opens up to us.

We can ask why. Why does this work this way? Why does this happen when we do that? Why do I even ask these questions? What am I ignoring?

All points have an end. That feeling of being stuck isn’t necessarily because you literally can’t move, maybe you have evolved from this structure and are unsatisfied with the status quo.