Money matters when you can’t pay rent. Water matters when you are dehydrated walking across the Mohave. And it is the same for sleep, food, shelter, sex, education…

When you don’t have enough of something, you feel it. On the other hand, sufficiency matters until it doesn’t. Once you have what is sufficient, what then? Chase luxury?

Too much of our culture is driven by this false idea that if we can just get to that parking space or finish that degree or make that paycheck or get that award or title–we finally be happy. What is “enough”? Because it isn’t the same for everyone. Jeff Bezos has more money than anyone ever in the history of the world and yet he still seeks gains because he is chasing something else.

It is a rat race. And too many of us are seduced into believing in a fantasy world instead of enjoying the real one. Here is my rule: If you have enough time to watch one hour of Netflix tonight, you have made it to a level of comfort with enough discretionary time to create the world in the image you see it could be. So go do it.