Creating and creations

“Do what you love”


“Love what you do”

What’s the difference?

“Do what you love” doesn’t follow process or genre. It’s about doing what you want at the moment. To be authentic all the time. Our love changes from moment to moment. But an Italian Chef might not feel like making Risotto tonight for customers but still chooses to because…

Because they “love what they do.” They have put in the hard work to become a top chef. To really hone in on their craft to do something only they can do. This is why people flock in the masses to come experience.

The hard truth is you’re not acting like a professional when you are only focused on doing work that makes you happy all the time. The fulfillment comes after you put in the work. Not before. What sustains us for the love of work and process, not the outcomes. All the time is spent in the creating, not the creation.