Understanding which rules can be broken

I am not talking about what you can get away with. Many rules are there to protect us. Driving without a seatbelt just doesn’t make sense. What I am talking about rather is learning which rules are important that make the culture function better and which ones push it forward.

Organizing a walkout at school will get you in all sorts of kinds of trouble but is it morally wrong? On the contrary, it might be imperative that you stand up and speak out.

Another example: Not giving a two-week notice to a job that treated you poorly that you worked for a month for because “that’s is what you are supposed to do” probably isn’t going to have much consequence. But many still do it because they are afraid of a gap in their resume.

When you realize the freedom one has is bigger than the box you create, possibility happens. Too often, we think we are handcuffed because our imagination tells us so.