The arena–where is the fight won?

Spending too much time on Facebook or Twitter? How about Netflix or Reddit?

When I catch myself distracting myself, in these moments, I realize one of two things:

  1. I am tired and need to get more sleep. I also need to do a better job managing my day so I can make it to the end with some gas in the tank.
  2. What am I afraid of? What should I be doing right now instead? Am I afraid to write the next chapter of my next book? Am I telling myself don’t pick up the guitar because “Why bother? You won’t be as good as Jack White.”

There can be a physical reason or an emotional reason holding you back from doing the thing you should be doing. Something is holding you back from perfecting your craft or your art.

Often the story we inform ourselves makes us more tired. And then we sabotage ourselves by staying up later than we should. The battle starts within.