There’s clinical anxiety that is difficult to overcome. That is a whole separate conversation. What I wanted to write about is the general anxiety that humans face.

All of us worry. We worry about things that haven’t even happened yet. In fact, we experience this anxiety based on a movie we have played in our heads. One that causes us stress as we imagine the worst thing that can happen.

Then the thing we are worried about passes and we are usually fine. But then we perpetuate the cycle by worrying about the next thing.

The difficulty is in identifying the trigger. What causes us to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet? Why do we let our imagination change our current mood? Why are we living in the future and not the present moment? Why play through this movie over and over again, imagining the worst that could happen? Do we really know this is how it will play out or is it fiction?

All things to consider as we overcome our fears.