Phantom fear

Phantom fear gets in the way of real learning. We worry about the unknown. The loon noises. The things that get in the way of us fully experiencing something. We often hesitate and don’t fully commit. Paradoxically, in the process, increasing our chances of failure.

You are not entitled to your desired outcome. No matter how much effort you put in. Even if it was stolen.

The question I have is, what makes you think you know which outcome is best for you in the long run?

And if you got every outcome you desired, how would you learn anything?

Death is the ultimate teacher. The lows allow us to appreciate the highs. Some much more to take away from a failure than a success. How high do you know to fly if you never push a limit? How do you know where the limit is if you don’t go for it?

The ceilings we often imagine are made of glass, not an iron curtain.