Just-world hypothesis

Is the assumption that people basically get what they deserve. That whatever actions we take, the player will get what they have coming to them.

This is a really bad way to view the world.

Outcomes are separate from the decisions we make. Sometimes we make all the right decisions and unfavorable outcomes just happen which is easily understood in a game like Poker. Lots of bad things happen to people all over the world every day and the consequences of one person’s actions can spread across a nation and through multiple generations.

People do this in an attempt to judge someone’s character. We say, “I would never do that.” We do it to rationalize suffering or to reduce the feeling of guilt we have.

Go click one news article about a tragedy with a victim and read the comments. You’ll find somewhere victim shaming. It runs rampant in a world that has become desensitized to how we treat each other. If you believe the world is falling apart, there is plenty of “evidence” to support that narrative.