More aware but unlikely to act

The more time we spend online the less likely we are to engage in the community.

Which makes sense. If we are spending more time online, we are spending less of it around other people. And when we are isolated there isn’t a chance to connect with them.

In fact, studies have found this with teens that spend a lot of time online are 45% more likely to believe it’s important to own expensive artifacts like a luxury car but are 14% less likely to think about social issues.

It appears we are exposed to issues about equality or the environment or democracy but the expectation has grown (particularly for teens) this is someone else’s problem to fix.

The internet highlights the problems that plague our culture while simultaneously reminding us to jump on the treadmill of dissatisfaction. Like a rat running with no where else to go, I am reminded:

We are not the customer. We are the product.