“In the beginning…”

Genesis is pointing out the order and structure of how things are done around here.

And as far as we can remember, we think the way things are often are how things always have been. Of course, we deep down know this isn’t true. But we forget when something like a car becomes so ubiquitous form of transportation, we are shocked to see other cultures go by foot.

“The way it is” is indeed a powerful force. Seducing us into believing that this is all there is. Get used to it.

This isn’t true.

While we cannot change what has happened, we can change what might be. When we develop this posture of “since we have decided” we invoking the powerful forces needed create change.

It’s always been a decision to lead, to start a movement, to create a ruckus. If you won’t decide, someone will decide for you. That request is usually compliance.