Castles made of sand

On a recent trip to Newport Beach, California, we came across beach art. Someone had produced beautiful patterns in the sand with a rake and a shovel to make something we can all enjoy.

I watched someone accidentally walk across it. When they realized it, they immediately jumped off but were quick to point out the ocean will wash it away soon anyway.

That’s the point.

Nothing is permanent. Art is to be observed and enjoyed. And for that moment someone gets to see something beautiful, understanding its inevitable fate by the ocean. Respect the art. Respect the work and effort. Regardless of the length of the piece. The artist is teaching us something when we are not mindful of what is around us–when we accidentally step on the piece or perhaps on purpose.

Impermanence is real for all of us.

No one builds castles made of sand and expects them to last forever. But for some reason, we write a sonnet and we expect it should transcend the lengths of time.