When do you know it is time to call it quits?

Take the emotion out of it. Don’t stop because your heart isn’t into something anymore. Stop when you have reached the end. Is this the farthest you want to go?

Stop when the math doesn’t work. Are you out of time or money? Then it is time to call it quits.

Have a date. By this date at this time without these metrics, then we stop.

Does the story resonate with others? Perhaps the model isn’t right or maybe you have the right product/service but your timing is wrong.

Ignore the sunk costs. Perhaps, life’s hardest lessons to learn. The reason we stay in things longer than we should is that a loss hurts more than again feels good.

Are you waiting for something to break in your favor? What can you be doing that is productive in the meantime?

Nothing lasts forever. In fact, a project is a project because it has a finish line. You just might need something to point to that says, “We did this.”

Are your relationships suffering around you? If yes, it is time to re-evaluate priorities.

How long have you been going? 5 days? 5 weeks? 5 years? 5 decades? Have you really given this project the time it is needed to grow? Often, things may be working but not at the speed you want them to.

What is the goal? How can you get there? Is there a path that you just can’t see yet?

Are you hiding? Are you tired of the Resistance? Are you just saying it is too big or impossible to do? Are you in the dip? What is the thing you are most afraid of doing? Go do that.