Syncretism is the act of combining and merging ideas. A simple example of this is American food. You could pull up Door Dash and choose between Asian Tacos or Mexican Pizza under the umbrella of “American cuisine”.

It isn’t just with food either but different schools of thought have been merging into our politics, religions, and education systems.

Because with everyone on the internet and a connected globe, you can’t be helped but be influenced by what you see. If someone is doing it better, why not do it better too?

The problem isn’t the emergence of new ideas. The problem is how receptive one is to them. Because each idea is different from what was we are used to.

To be sure of the path we have taken that has gotten us here is rigid. There are many paths that can get us to where one wants to go (and who is to say where we have ended up was the place we wanted all along). Are we really so certain about the ideas and belief systems we have adopted or could we be wrong? There are many ideas we never embrace because we are afraid of the consequence of the world we have created. Often, the choice is left to pick between one or another. In reality, the world is wide enough where both ideas are sometimes acceptable.