Nature is neutral

Nature does not judge us. It doesn’t care if you are having a bad day. Nature rains when it rains. It doesn’t decide to, it does it base on environmental factors. The laws of the jungle.

Humans, by contrast, judge everything. We cannot help but point out the odd, the weird, the different, and the inconsistencies of the world.

The biggest broadest of categories is good and evil. For “good” or “evil” is a social construct. A category or box we impose on the world. But it isn’t the actual world. Because again the world doesn’t care.

This is the space humans occupy. The space of reality and abstract. The space of physical/tangible and imaginary. We create and imagine the world things not as they are but as we are. The tension between humans is where the imagined world is not consistent with the real one. The hope is for others to see what you see. And perhaps bend the course we are on.