“I’ll be happy when…”

We live in an era of liberalism. Chasing of the self and individual rights.

“You are special.”

“You can do anything you set your mind to.” (Just do it!)

“Do what makes you happy.”

As a result, we run towards things that bring us pleasure and joy and stay away from the bad feelings.

Except when you survey most parents, they are not actually that happy raising kids on a day-to-day basis. Parents have to deal with temper tantrums, lack of sleep and spilled milk. Yet, most surveys come back and say it is one of the biggest sources of joy in life.

No one likes the steps it takes to climb a mountain, you do it and then reflect on the experience later.

“I’ll be happy when…” is a trap. Happiness is biological, it is environmental, circumstantial, and even financial to a degree. Happiness is measured with comparison. Happiness is a construct. A mindset. An imagination and illusion. In fact, someone in medieval poverty could even be happier than today’s billionaire. It’s certainly possible.

You won’t be happy when you get to the destination. You’ll just create a new goal to follow until the day you die.

So, what is it then that is making you happy? What is it that is going to make you get up in the morning to welcome the day? Because embracing only the pleasures of this world will only get you so far. When you can dance with discomfort, a lot of doors will open up.