Staying on script

Waking up tomorrow knowing exactly how your day will go, to be able to predict it with extreme accuracy would be a curse.

Yet, many of the choices we make are to seek out this safety net of reliability, predictability, and certainty.

We can’t see the future. No one has a crystal ball. But we can also settle down, fly low, avoid controversy, sit in the back row, slip by with no one noticing, count the days until the weekend, have someone tell us what to do next–and then what?

Well, you might not know for sure what will happen, but you can sort of predict with high accuracy what will happen next:

“Day-to-day” stuff. Nothing exciting. To-do lists.

How many times have your sat down and written out a list of things to do and then watched it disappear as you check them off?

A self prophecy.