Hindsight fallacy

A common predicament people face: Should I be proven right or do the right thing?

We can’t have both. Either we feed the ego or forgo it.

However, when examing these decisions, hindsight is much more difficult to understand than we think. If something doesn’t work out we just say we would have made a different decision. Perhaps, we even have an Option B we should have bet on. It’s easy to be a critic once the decision is made. But every decision is a crossroad. The next turn is unknown with so many different paths to take.

We can easily pick apart our decisions later of how they happened. But we don’t think enough about why these things happen. The more we open up to explore, the more difficult it is to understand.

Hindsight is more of a fallacy than we realize. We can’t possibly know how people or the environment will react when acted upon. Learn what you can from the past but don’t expect desired outcomes to just show up because different decisions are made.