Best available information

Most of the big papers echo each other. Someone can write an article and site that another paper broke the story using a link.

Most people don’t click the link.

We trust that someone must have vetted this. After all, we are reading and subscribing to this source, there is some sort of trust involved at this point if I am giving them attention.

A while back, the New York Times posted an article using a study linking higher death rates of Coronavirus with air pollution. Interesting. Here’s the problem: The study hasn’t gone through the peer review process yet! In this example, the media is pushing for clicks and entertainment not to inform people of the problems at hand.

When is the last time you clicked and read the actual study or report or piece of evidence that the news is reporting? Because again, we all assume, someone must have vetted it.

The information, the scientific review process even, while not perfect is the best we got. But are you doing the best you got to seek the information?

As always, once we obtain new information, we must have the courage to change our minds.