Authentic Indian cuisine from Canada

I opened up a microwave dinner the other night of Indian food from Trader Joe’s and on the box, it said, “Authentic Indian food from Canada.”

So, what makes it authentic?

Is it because they copied the recipe exactly? Is it the ingredients? Is it who makes it? Does the location matter? What exactly are we buying when it says authentic on the label?

Authenticity is overrated. Authentic is part of the story we are telling ourselves. An authentic chef who specializes in Indian food doesn’t always feel like making the same meal. Tonight she may want to make Italian. If she was to be authentic, then we wouldn’t get what we paid for. But since she is a professional, she does her job to delight the people she seeks to serve regardless of how she feels in the moment.

We so desperately want an authentic idea, we are willing to wait before we begin. We have it wrong. Begin and be a professional. Do your job. Be generous. Share your ideas. Be brave. The authentic parts, the genius, will seep through as you are engaged in the world.