What are the only things certain we know in this life?

Benjamin Franklin said, “death and taxes.” Another old proverb states, “Only three things in life are certain: birth, death, and change.”

The point is there are not many guarantees in this life. You can literally count them on one hand. Almost everything can be taken in an instance. And always looming in the back of our minds the amygdala is reminding us we can’t live forever. The clock is always ticking.

No wonder human beings are so stressed when we know the only thing certain is someday it will all end! We all need to come to terms with our own mortality in some way. In the meantime, as a reminder…

Life is supposed to be lived. To be consumed, spent, loved, failed…Take a punch. And to stand on top of a mountain to see the sun rise. To smell the salt from the sea. You can’t stay forever. That is sort of the beauty of it all. We get a glimpse.