Violent decline

In the first millennia AD, one and ten people died a violent death.

Think about that for a minute. (Everyone that I know that has passed away has mostly died from modern western diseases. Grant it, my family history doesn’t have much of a military background.)

The decline of violent deaths is no accident. The world is just getting safer. One problem is our perception has not changed. We don’t feel safe because our biology is wired to keep us on guard. We have media channels to remind us that the world is falling apart.

Make no mistake, there is plenty of work that must be done. What I am suggesting is thinking about the narrative each of us has about the world and the people around us. If we have no hope that it can change, then what is the point of trying? The fact is, while history can repeat itself it isn’t destined to. It often rhymes but it isn’t predetermined. It may feel broken but it is far from unfixable.

Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph, Burst of Joy, 1973.