What do we fear more?

The change itself or the fear of change?

Take masks. Something not controversial to wear in a hospital 10 years ago performing surgery or if you had the flu is now a hot button issue. Many that oppose masks are not actually afraid of wearing a mask but what it could symbolize–change.

Self-driving cars are another example. At first, you worry if a car can actually drive itself. Then with enough testing, data, and time, we seem to embrace it. (Yes, some quicker than others–after all many continued to buy cassettes when CD’s came around.) But now, delivery drivers are worried that self-driving vehicles will take their jobs. What then?

All are valid concerns. Because change happens faster and faster every day. In fact, it is happening faster than it ever has and it isn’t slowing down. Exhausting.

First, we must have the awareness of what it is we are afraid of. Then we can face the fear.