Reactionary culture

We live in a unique time where we are demanding more from the culture. Demanding more respect, to change things as they are, to create a more fair and just world.

This is good.

I have also seen the frustration carry over to things that are more trivial.

For example, Alta Ski Lifts made it very difficult to park at quite possibly the most popular trail head in the state. Now in the winter, ASL is essentially blocking a way to get into areas to ski like Grizzly Gulch unless you are willing to walk two hours.

Obviously, as a backcountry skier, that was infuriating. And you can read it if you take a spin on Instagram. Over and over again. After a while you begin to see that the reaction doesn’t match the crime.

Sure, it isn’t fair. There are lots of things that are not fair in our world. This is privilege we are talking about though. Most in the world can’t recreate like this.

Social media isn’t a platform to whine and complain. And we don’t need this type of media to mettle with the important work that is giving a voice to the voiceless. Do the hard work to assemble, not to complain. Step out of the way and give energy, don’t take it.