Technical jumps

When Ringo Starr was drumming for The Beatles, they were pioneering the use of sampling, artificial double-tracking and the use of multitrack recording machines.

Fast forward to today, it is much more technical to record a soundtrack.

Just look at the rigs and the playing styles of back then and today:

Get Back – Rooftop Concert (1969)
Travis Barker Drum Solo (2011)

The point is that everything is so much more technical and precise than it used to be. It can be overwhelming to start something new because how could you ever be that good?

For one, you shouldn’t compare your start to someone’s best moment. And two, just cause you probably won’t be as proficient as a prodigy, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you. Find the why you are doing this–if you are doing it for money, you might be behind. If you are doing it for something else, start where you are.