Are we all suckers?

The other week, I was on a plane ready for takeoff. The thought occurred to me that we were about to fly 500 miles per hour at 30,000 feet.

Are we all just buying into this? Are we just going to trust that everything is okay? I certainly didn’t inspect the equipment and don’t know the first thing about aeronautics. But enough flights have been done before to make a reasonable assumption that this flight will be okay too. So, I go along.

Here’s the thing: The 40-hour workweek is a human invention. An arbitrary number that (thankfully) is down from the early days of industrialism. Yet, we become so used to the standard it’s difficult to imagine any other approach.

There’s no correlation between going to a famous college and happiness. Yet, we chase that status symbol as if life depends on it.

We get used to things and we buy into them. Which systems have we bought into for so long that we can’t even see how detrimental they are to our culture anymore?

In Poker, when you can’t tell who the sucker in the room is, it’s you. Time to fold and try another table another day.

What else are we just blindly accepting?