The virtue signal post

It’s a lot like watching your favorite sports team win or lose. If you won, you want to boast about it, and if you lost then well time to lick your wounds.

And now what?

We wait for the next urgent thing to pop up on our Facebook feed. This isn’t news, it’s entertainment. (Dogecoin proved that.)

Meanwhile, nothing changed. Because posting your thoughts in the moment isn’t going to change the status quo. Action does. Clicking send is not going get people to pause and think. Only further fuel the cycle of sports fandom.

We send the virtue post to let people know what side we are on. I’m afraid we also tell ourselves a story that we are helping when we are actually just hiding. We click the next thing because we are unhappy with the direction things are going for us.

Start a movement. Not another post that is likely to be forgotten.