Most days

My oldest started online kindergarten. It has been a multi-hour commitment for our family each day. It didn’t seem possible to do, and yet, we found a way to do it. That’s because we don’t need more time to accomplish our goals, we just need to prioritize them.

Most days there is an excuse to not sit down and write or paint or compose. “The dog ate my homework” is a powerful story we tell ourselves. It never feels like the right time to show up. It never feels like the right moment. Tomorrow maybe things will change.

What’s normal is walking around feeling a bit tired. The alternative is to complete something. Because when you do, you might get a sense of accomplishment and feel more motivated to do something else. And maybe not. You might still be tired afterward. At least now you got something done with that tired.

We find time to eat and sleep. We need to find time to do art too.